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Mature content
D.Va's Bet :iconvillesvill:VillesVill 9 0
FRIECELBU-color Guide by MatiasSoto FRIECELBU-color Guide :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 603 225
Everybody likes pie
Everyone loves pie!
It was your normal night at the Tower. Beast boy was playing super Ninja fury, trying to beat Speedy in a lan party.
Raven was meditating by the window looking more asleep than awake.
Starfire was trying to convince Robin to try some more of her home cooked meals and Robin was trying to find a polite way of saying no thank you when he was saved by Cyborg walking into the room.
"Hey y'all. Guess who went shopping and got us a pie!?" He said with a big grin on his face.
"Dude! Sweet!" beast boy said, sending Speedy a message that he's be right back and then dashed towards the table where Cyborg was getting ready to cut up the pie.
"Please, what kind of pie is this?" Starfire asked.
"Lady i brought it from said it was Mae Eye pie. whatever that means." Cyborg said.
"Wait! Don't touch it!" Raven yelled flying over a look of horror on her face.
it was too late however, Cyborg's knife had pierced the pie shell and a purple mist shot out of the pie and surrounded the titan
:iconyamijoeysdog:YamiJoeysDog 24 14
Future Brol Sceenshot by legendarybrol Future Brol Sceenshot :iconlegendarybrol:legendarybrol 8 9
Inuyasha AR-AB AIM Story
Vaglare: "Come on, Inuyasha! You shouldn't force her to come!" shouted Shippo, as the small, but very powerful fox demon looked up to his diaper-clad hanyou charge. "And you know you can't go there without me," "Hey, I'm the one taking you," said Inuyaha. "Yes, but you get lost and start crying without me to guide you around," said Shippo, arms across his bare chest.
Lance the young: "Hmph!" said the hanyou, turning his head. "I dun need you or anyone. I'm gonna drag her back kicking and screaming if I need ta!"
The fox demon sighed, "You couldn't drag a rock, Inuyasha. Let alone a 200-pound toddler."
"I can too! You'll see!" The white-haired figure stood up. "I'll get her fat butt here in no time."
Inuyasha made a run for the well, but quickly found he was going nowhere fast. He looked down to see his feet sliding across the ground helplessly. He turned to see what was holding him in place, and saw Shippou had gripped the back of his diaper.
"Let's let her come on her own time, shall
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 14 12
Fusion Cloud - Trunks by Maniaxoi Fusion Cloud - Trunks :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 231 97 Rigor - Saiyan Transformations by SouthernDesigner Rigor - Saiyan Transformations :iconsoutherndesigner:SouthernDesigner 106 29 OC : Dan by Maniaxoi OC : Dan :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 122 43 OC : Jzuyou SSJ4 by Maniaxoi OC : Jzuyou SSJ4 :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 143 30 Request : Traxlord by Maniaxoi Request : Traxlord :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 150 46 Request : Galcious by Maniaxoi Request : Galcious :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 323 91 Gohan VS Hit by Maniaxoi Gohan VS Hit :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 209 51
Mature content
Batgirls, Bat-Bots, and Bat-diapers. :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 16 0
Mature content
Padded Private Eyes :iconmarioman11:Marioman11 14 2
Yuno, Shelly's New Toy - PR by OneMessedUpHero Yuno, Shelly's New Toy - PR :icononemesseduphero:OneMessedUpHero 20 2
SAO: Asuna's Descent into Diaperhood Prologue
Hello, my Deviant Art Watchers! For those of you who may have thought I was dead as an author, here's some proof to the contrary! I'm gonna be rolling out three installments in the next few days for this new story of mine! It was gonna be all in one day, but I realized that if I spaced it out a bit, I might have another completed installment to add to it by the end of the spacing.
So, here's what you need to know before reading. This story is a Sword Art Online fanfic set in an alternate universe where VR doesn't exist and Kirito is a girl. There will be both wetting and messing, so if you don't like the latter, I suggest you don't read this. Finally, the opening prologue will seem unfair because it highlights the social pressures of upper class Japanese society. If you don't like it when bad things happen to characters, you might not like that. On the other hand, if you like drama, then you'll probably love it.
That's about it. Read on!

Asuna’s Descent into Diaperhood
:iconxvwritingda:XVWritingDA 10 6


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Do you want a Bleach OC or One Piece OC , do want it to be a male or female.


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Devon Beavers
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I draw Fanfiction character for a hobby and make stories out of it.


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