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Astalith redrawn/redesign :iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 9 21 Frieza's cousin :iconblakeandalex12:BlakeandAlex12 2 1
The Great Squid Sister's Prank War(For orginalDL)
Callie and Marie were preparing for their next news segment. "So Marie, you ready for our next segment?" Calie asks with a smile.
"Yeah I guess... "Marie said, sounding board.
"Whats got you more down in the dumps then usual today?" Callie asks her partner.
"I've been really board with stuff Callie. Nothing exciting is happening, everything is feeling rather stale." She expresses her boardom. 
"Geez you sound more board and sad then usual... Come on Marie we will have a great day!" She said, with her usual enthusiasm.
"Callie the days for me have not been that great... Honestly the only entertaining thing would be you making mistakes." Marie said with a smirk.
Callie pouts. "But those get old-"
"No they don't, I'm pretty sure everyone watched our blooper wheel and said they find you it's hilarious in it." She said at her sister's expense.
"Ok ok fine... Now I've been thinking a bit and I have a fun thing for all of us. How about me and you have a prank war with the other inklings
:iconalternatecaregiver:AlternateCaregiver 6 0
Re: Super Saiyan god :iconyurestu:yurestu 36 20
Handing Out Candy Part 1
There was a little jingle above the door as she entered. She was a clearly blond girl, but it was also clear that there were light streaks of pink mixed in with it; on her face she wore a smile on her face visible to all who took even the slightest of looks at her, and for good reason - this was a job that excited her, one that she had been looking forward to for forever now.
"Hi! My name's Candace Mann. I'm--"
"Heh. Gimme a little credit, I remember ya." The girl behind the counter wore an expression on her face that indicated that she wasn't quite the usual person to hold a job like this, but she was smiling all the same. Just in a reserved, maybe a little withdrawn way. "You'll need to come to the back and get introduced to some things. New folks have certain issues they need to address before they can start, you know?"
Candace nodded understandingly, giving out a little, "Okay!" in the process before following along like an obedient puppy.
As she was led through the entrance room t
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 86 36
Play Date!!!
A story for :iconfastchaoz: I may have just dug my own grave giving off the impression that I'm doing request, but he never asked me to write it for him.
Authors Notes: A story that started off as a free write with no plot, just two diapered friends hanging out, so I’d thought, “What the heck, I’ll post it.” You can also call this an epilogue to my first Shakugan No Shana story, the choice is yours.
As the first light of dawn shone through the window of a quiet room, that silence was soon broken due to a loud yawn. This yawn was emitted by Kazumi Yoshida as she sat up in bed and stretched out her arms, then she rubbed her sleepy eyes softly, and looked around her room, finding it to be unusually messy. She then thought back on what had occurred last night, Shana had unexpectedly shown up at her house to sleep over, and the two of them got into many things that night.
Kazumi then looked down at herself and moved her hands down towards the waistline to her
:iconshanatan2131:Shanatan2131 54 26
Jayde all Forms Updated :iconkuroispeedster55:KuroiSpeedster55 16 6
Mature content
Levy's Misspell Part 5 :iconvillesvill:VillesVill 7 6
The Fusion and the Beast :iconvegito65:Vegito65 7 16 RxE .: Temptation:. :iconxxjadesilver:XxJadeSilver 15 4
Maylu's Journey to Salvation Ch. 3
Chapter 3
Brown eye flew open, fear and panic clear in them. Maylu gasped for breath, the nightmare, or rather unburied memory she had just relived, having shaken her. As she slowly calmed down, several things became apparent to her. One, she was suckling on the pacifier in her mouth. Two, she was cuddling the teddy bear in her arms. Three, the inside of her stomach was sore. And finally, her diaper was wet, recently if the warmth was any indication.
Maylu pushed herself up, leaning against the crib. As the reminisce of her nightmare faded from her mind, she remembered her situation, as well as the dream she’d just had. Dropping the teddy bear from her arms, she threw off her blanket and made a grab for the tapes on her diaper. She found it to be impossible with the gloves she had on to get a grip on either tape.
Sliding her thumbs down under her diaper’s waistband, Maylu got a firm grip on the diaper and tried to tug it off. To her surprise, the parts of the diaper
:iconmistresstwilight8:MistressTwilight8 18 7
Kirigiri's Last Stand
The disappearances of the Future Foundation were a massive cause of alarm, and any remaining members were searching heavily for clues. Sadly, however, they found nothing.
To make matters worse, Asahina and Fukawa wouldn't stop pooping themselves. They'd both grunt in place as they pushed new logs into their pants and/or diaper.
Kirigiri took notice of this and quickly pulled Naegi to the side.
"Naegi, you're noticing the connection, right?"
"Between the disappearances and those two crapping themselves? Yeah."
"And look... both are incredibly fat. I think we know where our missing persons ended up..."
The two pondered the situation for a moment, trying to think of a solution.
Naegi sighed and raised his hand after a while.
"I really hate to do this, but we have no choice... Kirigiri, how's your flexibility?"
Fukawa grunted and forced another turd into her diaper, a grin on her face. "Hnnnngh! Whew, what a huge mess~!"
"I know, right? HGGGGGNNNNNRRR!!!" Asahina added as she unloaded more
:icondiaper-girl-fan:Diaper-Girl-Fan 9 2
Mature content
Tracer's Smelly Fantasy [OVERWATCH] :icongassipals:Gassipals 53 13
Oc : Fusion : Elcy :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 148 43
Erika's Not Alone- Epilogue
"Nnng... Jeez, c'mon...."
"Heh. You gotta hold still, kid. This is hard enough to fit onto you."
Erika giggled a little as she heard Tim wiggling about in the nurse's office. She could smell the baby-powder that always accompanied the tail end of it before there was another pitter-patter as he was let off the changing table. After a moment the door to the office's side-room opened and Tim toddled out, pants around his ankles and a fresh diaper taped around his waist.
"Nnng..." Shuddering, Tim turned directly to his girlfriend, adding, "Th-Thanks for waiting..."
"Erm... I-It's alright.." added Erika, turning pink. "I'll pruh-probably n-need a change before luh-lunch's over."
The nurse giggled behind the pair of eleven-year-olds. "Well, if you do, honey, you can come by my office anytime." As Tim bent down to pull his pants back up, she gave his diapered butt an affectionate pat. "You were a good deal more wiggly today, huh?"
"AH!" Tim jerked at the pat, shyly wiggling his hips as he put
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 17 2
Erika's Not Alone-Part 6
Tim stared in disbelief as the little girl went from being a mature, fully-grown woman down to a five-year-old much shorter than he was. Still baffled, he put his hands on his hips (still quite surprised by the crinkle), and noted, "Jeez.... Th-This is SO weird..."
"Eheh... T-Try it when it's y-your sister..." mumbled out Erika shyly. She soon bent down, watching Jenn examine her dress, "Erm... S-So you're all better now?"
"Yeaaaaah.... Stinks I gotta go back, but it WAS pretty neat being a grown-up...."
The blonde teenager who until recently was a baby was lying on the grass just beside the pair, sleeping rather peacefully. Jenn glanced at him before asking the older children, "Hey, is Scoty gonna remember anything b'fore he wakes up from his nap?"
Tim was also rather clueless about this, and glanced at Erika along with the five-year-old. Blushing the baby added, "Erm... M-Maybe? I'm not cl-clear about that..."
"Hehehe... Whatever, at least I didn't hafta change any dirty diapies!" ad
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 19 0


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