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Sveta :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,009 123
Mature content
Princess Peach's Diapered Life: Chapter 1 :icondiaperedshana:diaperedshana 39 15
Mature content
CFTCB - Sonia Nevermind :iconmarioman11:Marioman11 5 3
Frisk the Maid :iconnanamichiii:Nanamichiii 382 31
Emblem Babes
Nino happily continued her actions, making a flower crown for Jefar. The rough assassin kept on guard as always, standing against the door of the inn room. He knew that flower crown was for him… He would unwillingly accept if of course. Knowing not doing so would truly sadden the girl. As she continued, he suddenly felt a strange presence. It was a bit away from the inn, in the forest. Jefar had the urge to check it out…
"Remain here. I shall return shortly." He spoke tactfully before leaving the room. Nino sitting there with a confused expression.
Jefar made his way into the forest with care. Something was out there… something powerful… Moving via shadow he finally found the source. A woman, radiant in absolute beauty. Her hair sparkled underneath the sunlight, eyes as blue as the ocean. If not for his sharp mind, Jefar might have been infatuated by her beauty. Yet one look into her eyes proved something to him. She was dangerous…
"I know you hide among the tr
:iconwheel-of-flames:Wheel-Of-Flames 20 11
Maiden Beginning
Both Lucy and Wendy entered the abandoned building cautiously. They had been given a mission to meet a woman at said building mentioned former. The woman would give them their job then pay them. The amount was said to be quite high.
"This is kind of spooky Lucy-san…" Wendy mumbled while hiding behind Lucy. Lucy was shivering herself; afraid of what might happen. "I'm scared to Wendy…" Lucy replied as they walked through the building. They suddenly saw a light being produced from a room down the hall. Nervously the two made their way towards it and slowly slid the door open. Inside they found a rather large room with the walls colored a soft blue. At the very edge of the room was a rather oversized crib able to fit at least two grown women in it. Next to it was a changing table with oversized diapers and accessories such as bibs, bonnets and so on. The floor was covered in baby toys, from small to large. Lucy took not of a bunch of adult sized baby dresses in a half open close
:iconwheel-of-flames:Wheel-Of-Flames 89 1
5way closed collab thing OWO :iconinstinctshadowsaiyan:InstinctShadowSaiyan 17 20
Warped Into Diapers, Part 1
Warped Into Diapers: A Multi-Series Crossover - Part 1
By TheTimvh1
Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach), Orihime Inoue (Bleach), Tokiko Tsumura (Buso Renkin), Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail), Koyuki (MÄR), Sakura Haruno (Naruto), Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) and Nami (One Piece) are all warped into an alternate dimension where everyone, including themselves, is thickly diapered at all times.  Upon meeting their summoners, who explain the situation to them and why they were suddenly warped into this strange world, and diapered, they embark on a quest to save the world, known as Angelia, from the tyrannical regime which controls the people (the large majority of residents are beautiful, youthful women, and their race is known as Angels, hence the name of the world.  Yes, there are male angels as well, but their absence shall be explained in the following chapters.) through the use of diapers and other forms of bizarre punishment (the d
:icontimvh1:Timvh1 3 1
videls idea
     after seeing pan and her friends at the sleepover videl did not want her to stay like this. she always thought pan to be a great strong warrior but never a girl who goes off wearing diapers for fun. so she knew it was wrong but she said to herself i have to get the dragon balls and wish pan be normal. what she did not know was pan was nearby listening to her plans hearing this she knew what she had to do. she was alot faster than her mom so also went to gather the dragon balls hoping to turn her mom plans around to her own. pan gathered up three dragon ball while her mom had four she tried to sneak over and get the others but was caught. pan was tied up and videl said sorry sweetie but i cant have you like this. videl summoned shenron. she stated i wish but then pan yelled over her mom that i wish videl would like the same things as me. shenron granted the wish and videl became under pans control if pan said she liked it then her mom would do it. she teste
:iconrangersapprentice11:rangersapprentice11 4 0
Desperate DBZ Wives. :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 87 13 Female Zamasu :icondiegoku92:diegoku92 92 4 DBLH says Thanks for 4K Views!!! :iconryukhan46:Ryukhan46 17 17
Mature content
Diapered Dementional Neptunia Uncercored :iconshanatan2131:Shanatan2131 8 9
DanganRonpa Easter Special
For :iconDiapienami:'s contest
A Super DanganRonpa 2 Fanfiction. VERY slight spoilers for the game.
Contains: Diapers, Diaper Usage [Female], Forced Babying [Female], Spanking [Female]

Easter Sunday, a warm, sunny holiday right in the middle of spring. It was a time when families could get together and enjoy themselves, playing around and having fun with one another all day long. This was exactly what one family was doing this Easter...well, perhaps family wasn't exactly the best word, but it was the closest way to describe what their "interesting" relationship was like...
"Come on, girls. Those tasty chocolate eggs won't find themselves, you know~" a red-haired woman with a bob-cut said as she walked into a park. She wasn't wearing an olive-green jumper with a white shirt underneath, and a plaid white and orange tie. Around her neck was a camera, and arou
:icontheoriginaldl:TheOriginalDL 12 7
Mature content
Small Town Girls Ch 2 :iconmydlsecretlife:MyDLSecretLife 20 3
Tsunade's toilet troubles final chapter
Tsunade giggled "playing cute is easy Shizune" sitting down the play with a few toys such as a ball,rattle and plushies "See Shizune I can" She began rolling a ball at Ino who rolled it back to her "So Shizune" the little blonde genin said "does lady Tsunade pass?"
"I guess so but the final lesson is a tough one!" Her smile shone through everyone "it's all about wearing the diaper in public which Ino and the other genin do this anyway"
"No Shizune I won't do that it's embarrassing!" Tsunade shook her head annoyed which The younger black haired lady laughed "The Hokage embarrassed!? Lady Tsunade your a Hokage you can walk around in just a diaper and no one will notice" Shizune had a point there why doesn't she just test that theory.
The Hokage jumped up waddling up to the door and opening it to show her diaper to the world! And she did it's just no one noticed "I told you lady Tsunade!" Shizune said proudly to her boss she was lucky she wasn't diapered by Tsunade. Shizune shivered "brrr
:iconmovesetking:movesetking 8 0


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